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One Simple Solution For Drapes & Curtain Cleaning - Jonas Cleaners

Gone are the days when curtain cleaning meant taking all of your hanging fabric down and carting it over to your local dry cleaners. Jonas Cleaners provides you with straightforward, highly effective onsite cleaning for drapes and curtains. Delivered using the latest technology matched to your fabric type…

Drapes Cleaning With the Benefits Of:

  • Specially trained professionals who’ll assess your fabric first and pre-treat any stains
  • All types of fabric easily cleansed using the most appropriate modern method
  • Ideal for valuable natural weaves of fabric too – all curtain cleaning services we provide are fully insured
  • Convenient appointments every day of the week, incuding Saturdays and Sundays
  • A friendly support team eager to assist you 24 hours a day
  • All work done quickly and easily onsite with no hassle for you!

Jonas Cleaners - Trained On all Fabric Types

Though this is a one-size fits all solution for curtain and drapes cleaning, your actual service will be carefully customised to meet the needs of your specific type of fabric. We usually favour our advanced dry cleaning methods for most fabric:
The process is swift and effective, and requires no drying time afterwards. It also means there’s zero risk of any fabric shrinking, as no liquid cleansers are in use at any point.

Before your service starts, your drapes will be carefully brought down from the position they hang in, and any stains will be pre-treated in order to ensure there’s the highest possible chance of them being removed in full.

With clean curtains, you’ll soon notice the air quality in your home or office begin to improve.

Week-round operations

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24/7 customer service

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Powerful solutions

dirt and stains stand no chance!

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Get a free quote or book your service at any time that’s convenient for you. We maintain a round-the-clock telephone presence on 020 3404 0330, and you can also reach us online by filling in our contact form.

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