Professional Mattress Cleaning Chiswick Made Simple – Jonas Cleaners

Mattress cleaning shouldn’t be the last consideration for home cleaning, but sadly – it often is. With most people spending around eight hours a day in bed, a clean mattress is a vital health concern. This Jonas Cleaners’ service makes ticking that particular box nice and easy. And it only takes fifteen minutes per mattress too…

Chiswick Mattress Cleaners Using the Latest Equipment

Ideal for use in your own home, but also used by hotel, hostel, and bed and breakfast owners across the Chiswick area

Non-invasive method ensures zero drying time and rapid cleansing

Optional steam cleansing method for deep cleaning very dirty mattresses

Bookable around any opening times or working hours – we operate seven days a week

Get helpful round-the-clock advice and booking support – we’re on the line 24/7

Eliminates bed bugs and other pests as part of the process

Weekend and Bank Holidays Appointments


24/7 Customer Service

Discounts Are Also Available


Dirt and Stains Stand no Chance

How Jonas Cleaners Get the Job Done

Gone are the days when most mattress cleaners’ first port of call was steam cleaning, which required hours for your mattress to dry. Though we do still offer this method as an alternative for seriously stained bedding, we usually prefer to use our dry mattress sanitising expertise first.
This method requires the use of a specialist tool which uses ultraviolet light and powerful suction to identify and loosen dirt, and kill dust mites and other pests, before safe and easy removal. The effectiveness of this treatment is most evident in the amount of debris which is removed – feel free to ask your technician for a viewing.

Book Mattress Cleaning Services in Chiswick At Any Time

We understand that you can end up needing mattress cleaning services on short notice, so we’re available to take your call 24 hours a day, every day of the week. You can reach us on 020 3404 0330 or contact us online at your convenience.