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Move Out & Move In Cleaning - Jonas Cleaners Does It All!

Move out of your old home with stress-free ease! Prepare for your landlord’s inspection without hassle. Get ready for a new tenant with no fuss. This is move out and move in cleaning made simple – this one service provides the hard working team, top of the line equipment, and time-unlimited appointment you need for a fully revitalised property….

Whether It’s Move In or Move Out Cleaning You Get:

  • A detailed, professional cleanse of the entire interior of the property in question
  • A small team of specialists following a checklist which the UK’s top property experts approve of
  • A FREE re-clean in the event you or your landlord aren’t 100% satisifed with the results
  • Short notice appointments on offer, and availability seven days a week
  • Friendly support and booking facilities open around the clock for you to get a free quote
  • No time limit on your service – we don’t stop until everything is ticked off our extensive list!

How Your Service With Jonas Cleaners Works

All we need is:

  1. The property to be empty of people and possessions
  2. For the water and electricity to still be connected
  3. For the fridge and freezer to be turned off and defrosted in advance

This aside, we provide everything else necessary for a complete and comprehensive cleanse of the whole interior of the property you need us to address. We’re commonly hired by tenants, landlords, home owners, and property professionals across the local area.

The move in cleaning services we deliver are equally suitable for all tenancy-based cleansing.

Week-round operations

weekend and Bank Holiday appointments

24/7 customer service

request a free quote


Powerful solutions

dirt and stains stand no chance!

Best-value prices

discounts are also available!

Book Your Move In Cleaning Services Now

Contact Jonas Cleaners on 020 3404 0330 now, or contact us online using our booking form. However you do it, we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote on the move in or move out cleaning you need, and then confirm your appointment whenever you’re ready.

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