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One Service For All Your Furnace & Oven Cleaning - Jonas Cleaners

No more horrid-smelling chemicals – and no more endless scrubbing – with Jonas Cleaners‘ professional oven cleaning option. Ideal for any cooker, barbecue, hob top, furnace, or cooking appliance, this service is delivered by trained experts who’ll carefully disassemble as much of your device as they can in order to give you the deepest possible cleanse…

Oven and Furnace Cleaning With the Advantages Of:

  • A highly effective method which rests on thorough disassembly to reach even hidden areas
  • No limits to the makes or models of appliance we service
  • Full insurance protection for all the oven and furnace cleaning we provide
  • Eco-friendly cleansing solutions means pets, children, and the next batch of food you cook stay safe!
  • Seven day services – weekend slots are available
  • You’re able to book your service 24/7 – call for a free quote without obligation
  • Perfect for use with all sorts of kitchen appliances – not just your oven!

How the Jonas Cleaners Team Works Their Magic

The dip tank method is the one we use for all appliances. This works by removing all of those components of your cooker which can easily be taken off, including the door, seals, racks and trays, and controls. These parts are cleaned separately in special vats of solution while the main part of your appliance is cleansed mechanically.
Careful preparation work will ensure that your kitchen remains spotless during the procedure, and your smart, courteous team of oven cleaning specialists always clean up after themselves.

Week-round operations

weekend and Bank Holiday appointments

24/7 customer service

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Powerful solutions

dirt and stains stand no chance!

Best-value prices

discounts are also available!

How to Book the Oven Cleaning Services You Need

Call 020 3404 0330 to set up your service now! Our advisory team are ready to take your call any time of the day or night, and can be called upon for a free quote 24/7. You can also fill in our booking form here on our website to reach us online.

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