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Safe and Fully Effective Rug Cleaning - Jonas Cleaners

Get stain removal for even heavily soiled fabric. Get a refreshing dry clean for materials which need just a little bit of TLC. Jonas Cleaners‘ professional rug cleaning option will always be personally tailored to the requirements of your fabric in particular…

What You Get With Us As Your Rug Cleaners

  • Get an expert to assist in the selection of dry cleaning or steam cleaning technique for your fabric
  • All your rugs are covered by full insurance and quality guarantee while your technicians work
  • Stain pre-treatment ensures maximum chance at complete removal
  • Scotchgard protection on offer – add this to your rug cleaners’ work for a small extra fee
  • Monday-Sunday availability for your complete convenience
  • 24/7 support, allowing you to get a free quote and make your booking at your convenience
  • Perfect for almost any kind of fabric – synthetic and natural

How Your Appointment With Jonas Cleaners Works

You call and inform us of the condition and material your fabric is made from, and we’ll recommend the most suitable treatment. We usually suggest:

  1. Dry rug cleaning for natural materials which might shrink if water is used to clean them.
  2. Steam rug cleaning for synthetic materials which can stand up to a more rigorous cleanse.

Whichever method we’ll be using, your service will always commence with an assessment of any stains. These will be treated before your main cleanse goes ahead.

Following your service, we offer air mover hire to speed up post-steam clean drying, and optional

Scotchgard protection for your fabric.

Week-round operations

weekend and Bank Holiday appointments

24/7 customer service

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Powerful solutions

dirt and stains stand no chance!

Best-value prices

discounts are also available!

Booking Your Rug Cleaning Services - 24/7

Request a free quote or select the right time for your appointment now! There’s always someone here to help you, 24/7, so give us a call on 020 3404 0330 or contact us using our booking form whenever you’re free to do so.

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